Why visit


OREX provides you a unique opportunity to search for the right product and suppliers easier and more effective. It saves you loads of hours searching for real estate brokers, owners and agents, exchanging multiple communications to answer your questions, besides it gives you the advantage of negotiating best rates. At OREX, you can get many benefits at no cost including:

  • Save money and hours searching for your ideal real estate opportunity, by navigate many products exhibited in comfortable proximity and segmentation
  • Learn more about projects by seeing them operating physically or explained in detail by qualified dealers.
  • Negotiate for better price from various suppliers ready with a mindset to offer you special rates during the show.
  • Assess current and future innovations that can improve your company’s processes and profitability.
  • Develop your career by increasing your knowledge of technological innovation and market dynamics.
  • Attend free certified workshops that keeps your development ongoing.