JULY 25, 2021

Salalah Free Zone completes phase 2 of Mazaya Logistics warehouse construction

25 JUL 2021, Times of Oman

Muscat: Salalah Free Zone (SFZ) announced the completion of the construction works for the second phase of Mazaya Logistics warehouses.

"Salalah Free Zone (SFZ), a part of Asyad Group, has announced the completion of Mazaya Warehouse 2, bringing Oman’s logistics sector one step closer to international prominence. The 25,000-m2 logistics warehouse facilities offer state-of-the-art storage solutions, enhancing the Sultanate’s logistics capabilities and unlocking new potentials and opportunities for domestic and international industries and businesses," Asyad Group said in a statement.

Mazaya Warehouse 2 is the latest logistics upgrade to Salalah Free Zone that will increase its storage capacity, with additional utilities enabling SFZ to carry out its pivotal role in Asyad’s strategy. The move to promote the economic role and improve the financial returns of Oman’s free zones is a vital component of Asyad’s long-term vision that aims to shape these free zones into a coveted home for light and medium industries.

Ali Mohammed Tabook, Salalah Free Zone CEO, spoke about Mazaya Warehouse 2 and said that “construction works on the new warehouse kicked off in SFZ after the entire 33,000-m2Mazaya Warehouse 1 was leased by various local and international commercial and industrial businesses.”

“With the advanced designs and features of the new storage units and facilities, they provide a larger capacity and lower operational costs enabling them to meet current and future customer needs and adhere to the best logistics practices,” Tabook added. “By following the latest international standards, the newly built facilities will provide flexible leasing solutions and custom areas and spaces complemented by Asyad’s efforts to improve operational efficiencies and support the supply chain for essential economic sectors, such as industry, manufacturing, and construction. Food and pharmaceutical imports and exports will be accommodated with our new cold storage services that are one of the central features of Mazaya Warehouse 2.”

On the role of Salalah Free Zone, Tabook explained that “SFZ’s strategic location and proximity to Salalah Port and major shipping routes enables it to become a key logistics base with universal access to the global supply chain and import and export lines to regional and global markets.”

To that very end, Asyad’s commercial team has been introducing investors to the many trade facilitations and competitive advantages offered by Asyad free zones through a series of promotional campaigns and spots in international exhibitions.