FERUARY 26, 2024

Suhar Smart City project launched

Muscat - The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (MUHP) announced its plans for establishing a smart city in Suhar today at the Suhar Investment Forum.

According to a Ministry official, the city will be 6,240,000 sq m and will include 15 neighborhoods, two central parks, a museum, a university, an exhibition center, and a sports center.

The city will be located near the Suhar airport and 30 minutes from the Port of Sohar. Additionally, it is also situated close to the main roads and the expressway.

Moreover, it will also contain around 1,000 gardens and multiple urban blocks.

The city will expect to house a population of approximately 70,162.

The city will include 15,340 housing units, the majority of which (66 percent) will be apartments, townhouses (24 percent), and villas (10 percent), in addition to 4,200 student accommodation units.