FERUARY 14, 2024

Sultan Haitham City: RO 1 billion worth projects signed

Muscat: Development and partnership agreements worth over RO 1 billion, linked to the implementation of the Sultan Haitham City project, were signed on Wednesday, at a ceremony held under the auspices of His Highness Sayyid Theyazin bin Haitham al Said, Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth.

In all, over 35 agreements covering Phase 1 of the iconic urban housing project, spanning the 2024-2030 period, were signed with high-level officials representing various government and private sector organisations, international consultants, investors and real estate developers. The signing ceremony, held at the Royal Opera House Muscat, was also attended by a number of Royal Family members, ministers and other dignitaries.

Phase 1 of the Sultan Haitham City project, covering an area of over 5 million m2, will accommodate an estimated 39,000 people distributed across more than 7,000 housing units on a built-up area of over 3 million m2.

Also envisioned for development in this phase are a number of landmarks, including a central park and landscaped wadi on an area of 1 million m2, National Center for Women and Children’s Health, a referral hospital, the Omani Council for Medical Specialties, the Higher Institute of Health Sciences, and a major college. Healthcare facilities will be established on an area of 1 million m2.

A government university planned during this phase will feature a College of Advanced Technology with a capacity to host around 1,500 students. Other facilities will include a Youth Centre (20,000 m2), rehabilitation center for disabled people (4,000 m2), and other complexes.

Other public facilities for development include a government school for around 6,900 students, a private international school, police station, Civil Defence centre, National Center for Craft and Creative Industries, and four health centers

Engineering consultancy agreements

Agreements were signed with a number of international consultants for the following: Preliminary design of public school complex for District 10 (awarded to Architect Kohler); preliminary design of public school complex for Districts 6 and 9 (awarded to SOM); detailed designs of city center for District 12 (SOM); design of the rehabilitation center for disabled people in District 16 (Panter Hudspith); and design of shopping and commercial facilities in Districts 9 and 12.

Real estate development agreements

Agreements were signed with local and international real estate developers for the construction of eight residential neighbourhoods at a cost of over RO 1 billion on a total built up area of 2.3 million m2. More than 6,000 residential units will be built over a 6-year phase.

In support of SMEs, an agreement was signed with a company for the development of District 6 on a 33,000 m2 area featuring 45 residential units allocated solely for Omanis.

Agreements were also signed with the following developers: Tibiaan Properties for District 6A on 58,000 m2 featuring 116 residential units; Adrak Construction for District 12D featuring 339 residential units on 56,000 m2; Amana Real Estate for District 13A comprising 278 residential units; Rumman International for development of District 12 A, Boffering 1,001 residential units; Al Ahli Real Estate for development of District 12 E, F featuring about 1,919 residential units; Muscat National Development and Investment Company (ASAS) for developing District 8 including 1,333 residential units; and with Al-Abrar Properties for the development of District 10 comprising 1,644 residential units.

Technical cooperation agreements

A technical cooperation agreement was signed with representatives of Audi cars in Oman for the provision of EV charging stations and discounted services for residents of Sultan Haitham City.

Singapore Street in Sultan Haitham City

A 4km long street in Sultan Haitham City will be named ‘Singapore Street’ in implementation of the Royal Directives of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik issued in the wake of his recent visit to the Republic of Singapore. Singapore Street will be lined by dense trees as its passes the College of Advanced Technology and courses through the Central Park and Wadi. It is envisaged as a thoroughfare teeming with life in the heart of the city.

Structural plans and future cities projects

In implementation of the urban strategic projects, various agreements were signed, including 6 engineering consultancy services agreements for structural and detailed plan projects. It includes an agreement for the Omani Building Code Requirements and Requirements project signed with the International Code Council. A consulting services pact was also signed with F&M Middle East for the structural design of a future city in the Wilayat of Ibri. Similar agreements were also signed with Lea Associates South Asia for Al Rustaq, Ibn Bahla Engineering for Wilayat of Sur, Dar Al Handash Consulting along with Foresters & Partners for detailed plan of an agricultural city in the Al-Najd area of Dhofar; and with another firm for the design of an agricultural city in the Wilayat of Saham.

Al Khuwair Downtown Project

In order to develop city centers, an agreement was signed with Zaha Hadid and CBRE for the detailed plan and engineering design of city center project (Al Khuwair Downtown) and waterfront on an area of 3.6 million m2. Under a separate cooperation agreement with Tawoos, who mixed-use tower will be Al Khuwair Downtown on an area of 12,000 m2.

Housing pacts

The following agreements for social housing projects were signed: 20 housing units with roads in the village of Kumzar in the Wilayat of Khasab in the Musandam Governorate; construction of 20 housing units and maintenance of 32 housing units in the Wilayat of Shalim and Al-Halaniyyat Islands in Dhofar Governorate; and implementation of an electronic platform for housing services for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning.

The event concluded with the announcement that an iconic suspension bridge will be built in the Central Park of Sultan Haitham City. Spanning a length of about 500 metres, it will be built in harmony with nature while offering users an unique opportunity to enjoy the striking settings of the park.